Step 1 - Slow release fertilizer applied to increase available soil nutrients and enhance color in the early season. Pre-emergence herbicide applied to prevent weed seeds from germinating. 

Step 2 - Second slow release fertilizer applied to retain high levels of available soil nutrients. This application includes micronutrients and post-emergence weed treatment.

Step 3 - Balanced fertilizer for summer stress recovery and color enhancement. Herbicide spot treatment for annual grassy weeds (i.e. Crabgrass, Watergrass, Etc.) Diagnosis of factors limiting growth on property. 

Grub control- Diagnosed and prescribed by our team or applied upon customer request.

Step 4 - Conditioned fertilizer applied to promote root growth before nutrient storage begins with decreasing temperatures. Includes broad spectrum control of persistent late season weeds. 

Step 5 - Winterized fertilizer applied to create a more winter resistant lawn. Provides nutrients for early-spring green up and Iowa’s variable temperatures between November & March.